Cover Letter for Dr. Delano R. Carter, P.E.




I have fifteen years experience at modeling, simulating, synthesizing, analyzing, and building electro-mechanical/hydraulic systems and controllers. Iíve utilized computer-aided design tools such as Matlab, Matrixx, and Mathematica for controller design and analysis. I've modeled, simulated and synthesized control systems for computer controlled electro-mechanical systems consisting of large scale, multi-body, multi-degree-of-freedom articulating flexible structures requiring precision shape control for optical pointing stabilization. Iíve developed structural control systems for flexible structures to mitigate the deleterious effects of vibration on the structureís shape as well as on precision tracking and pointing. Iíve also modeled and synthesized controllers for articulating precision optical mounts operating in six degree-of-freedom as well as satellite attitude and orbital control systems.


Some rapid slewing and simultaneous precision pointing, disturbance rejection, and vibration isolation technology programs that I've been involved with include the Space Active Vibration Isolator (SAVI), Space Integrated Controls Experiment (SPICE), Vibration Isolation, Steering and Suppression (VISS) system and a MEMS based optical relay mirror crossconnect switch for internet applications. Some are depicted at the following website:


I was Technical Director for the SBL Actuator/Isolator (A/I) before the SBL IFX community team was developed. The A/I provided the mechanical interface between the laser propellant element (LPE) and the optical precision element (OPE). It's functions included simultaneous articulation and isolation of the OPE relative to the LPE while maintaining optical beam train alignment. I've worked on the Beta Gimbal Electronic Control Unit on the International Space Station that is now on-orbit. It's used to rotate the solar arrays for beta angle sun tracking. I provided analysis and troubleshooting support on the ECU and systems expertise during integrated systems qualification testing.


Iíve developed motion control systems based on two and three phase motors with both analog and discrete motor commutation using resolvers and encoders as feedback elements.Other systems Iíve worked on include magnetically suspended control moment gyroscopes, structure dynamics control, pointing and isolation systems, vibration management, and magnetically suspended isolation systems. From my involvement with these systems, Iíve gained experience at specifying and working with various actuators and sensors such as resolvers, encoders, accelerometers, LVDT, gap sensors, flux sensors, rate sensors, linear actuators, torque motors, stepper motors, magnetic actuators, proof mass actuators and others. 


As a control systems engineer, Iíve worked in multidisciplinary team environments consisting of electrical, mechanical, thermal, radiation, and other disciplines in pursuit of a global multi-objective product optimization solution. My responsibilities also included cost account management over my area of expertise. The majority of the control systems Iíve designed used embedded processors for controller implementation and health monitoring. Specifying and analyzing the embedded controller implementation afforded me the opportunity to gain an understanding of the software/firmware architecture employed. I also have a working knowledge of the C programming language.


As mentioned on my resume (, my doctoral research focused on the synthesis of near-optimal discrete-time controllers for continuous-time distributed parameter systems in a sampled-data setting. The research afforded me the opportunity to become thoroughly knowledgeable in direct sampled-data control synthesis (as opposed to the indirect techniques) and the Hinfinity controls methodology, primarily from a theoretical perspective but with real world constraints and applications. I also gained knowledge in distributed parameter systems (flexible structures, distributed actuation & sensing, acoustic/structure interactions, control/structures interaction, and optical beam path control) and robustness analysis. I've also obtained a working knowledge in other control techniques such as mu-synthesis and analysis and high-authority/low-authority (HAC/LAC) control.


Also evident from my resume, I have a solid foundation in the practical application of classical and modern control theory and significant hardware experience. This includes my participation in the full systems design spectrum from concept development, system architecture trades, requirement allocation, and modeling & analysis to hardware integration, model reconciliation, test and evaluation as a significant contributor in a team environment. I've participated in the systems development of large-scale systems requiring 6 DOF pointing, articulation, and isolation as well as hybrid-time control. I've also participated on various IPT and enjoy customer interaction and I don't mind business-related travel.


Should you have questions regarding my resume or experience, please don't hesitate to give me a call.





Dr. Delano R. Carter, P.E.

Model Based Advanced Control Systems Engineer

Thearality, Inc.