Representative Program Experience




To the right, you will find links to programs Iíve been affiliated with. The Portfolio page gives a complete work history delineating chronologically the programs Iíve had the good fortune to have been involved with as well as my roll and responsibilities on the programs. The link acronyms are defined below:

OSC BV Program

VISS Program




OSC: Orbital Sciences Corporation

BV: Boost Vehicle (visualization)


Program to modify Orbitalís Pegasus, Taurus and Minotaur system designs and verify the resulting boost vehicleís performance and operational features in a series of nine demonstration and test flights begun in early 2003.


VISS: Vibration Isolation, Steering, and Suppression (visualization)

Technology development program directed at realizing a low cost, multi-functional, and high-quality optical payload platform for space applications.


SAVI: Space Active Vibration Isolator (visualization)
SPICE: Space Integrated Controls Experiment (

Programs directed toward the research & development of vibration mitigating technologies for achieving precision optical pointing.



Other Programs & Duties


Program: Orbital Boost Vehicle, Title: Guidance, Navigation and Controls Engineer, Duties: Computer-aided Control System Design model capture, development, verification, reconciliation, and validation for launch vehicle stage 1 electro-hydraulic Thrust Vector Control System. Flight proven in February 2003.

Program: Internet Optical Crossconnect(visualization), Title: Mechatronics Engineer, Duties: Design, development, testing, and FPGA implementation of 4 mm MEMS based fast-steering mirror control algorithms for rapid precision pointing, structural vibration mitigation, and earthquake disturbance rejection.

Program:ISS Beta Gimbal Assembly Electronic Control, Title: Control Engineer, Duties: Performed Electronic Control Unit (ECU) troubleshooting and repair including firmware and electronics for torque motor control and motor commutation. ECU system level modeling and analysis. Led technical manual development. Developed an integrated, high fidelity Electronic Control Unit/ Beta Gimbal Assembly/ Flexible Solar Array systems simulation. Analysis and prediction of controls/ structure interaction effects and system level performance for off-nominal scenarios. Synthesis of contingency controllers for off-nominal on-orbit modal variations. Assembly presently in orbit. Development of flexible link space robot manipulator mathematical models for precision pointing controls development and integration into full-up spacecraft system model.

Program: Space Integrated Controls Experiment, Title: Simulation/Control Engineer, Duties: Developed a MIMO, hybrid-time, active structural dynamics controller for a flexible space telescope using the high authority/ law authority (HAC/ LAC) control approach. The HAC portion of the controller was synthesized using the H-infinty control methodology and implemented digitally. The LAC portion was implemented analog. The actuators consisted of eighteen proof-mass actuators. Eighteen collocated accelerometers were used as sensors for feedback.

Program: Space Based Laser Actuator/Isolator, Title: Technical Director, Duties: Led the systems engineering effort for an SBL actuator/isolator. This included the development and preparation of trade studies in the areas of configuration, power, weight, size, performance and cost.

Program: Space Active Vibration Isolator Development, Title: Control Engineer, Duties: Participated in the development of a six degree-of-freedom hexapod pointing mount including mathematical modeling, controls synthesis, computer simulation, hardware integration and test. The pointing mount consisted of an active vibration isolation system utilizing a dual-mode approach that combined magnetic actuators with linear actuators. The laboratory environment included a forward body zero-g suspension system and aft body controls, all of which were modeled and simulated.

Program: IRIDIUM Modeling Validation & Verification, Title: Orbital Control Engineer, Duties: IRIDIUM space vehicle environment, actuation, sensing, and multi-body dynamics modeling validation and verification. Also, responsible for interface electronics validation, ACS/ OCS hardware-in-the-loop test result analysis and reconciliation, as well as observer dynamics performance verification.

Program: Precision Gimbal Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, Title: Control Engineer, Duties: Discrete-time control of antennae pointing gimbals for jitter reduction and accuracy analysis. Derived methods of utilizing digital torque motor commutation for ripple and cogging mitigation.

Program: Vibration, Isolation, Steering & Suppression System, Title: System/ Control Engineer, Duties: Synthesized a precision optical bench controls architecture to provide simultaneous optical payload steering, active suppression of optical payload attached disturbances such as those emanating from cryocoolers, and hybrid isolation of optical payload from spacecraft bus borne disturbances.

Program: Magnetically Suspended Control Moment Gyroscope, Title: Control/ Systems Engineer, Duties: Performed system architecture trades and system modeling and control including gyrodynamics. Patent pending for innovative control architecture that permits requisite MAGCMG torque generation while maintaining nominal magnetic actuator gaps and vibration isolation in 6 DOF. Developed electronic circuitry that permitted the gap observed by the magnetic actuator to be ascertained based on the actuatorís self-inductance. Also examined ways of reducing actuator-induced vibration disturbances.

Program: Special Sensor Magnetometer Passive Utility Damper, Title: Control Engineer, Duties: Performed structural damping robust performance analysis for a tuned mass damper device interacting with a low structurally damped flexible mast in the space environment.

Program:Gyroscope/Reaction Wheel Simulation, & Analysis, Title: Control Engineer, Duties: Control moment gyroscope & reaction wheel modeling and simulation for stability and performance analysis as well as system sizing and requirements validation.

Program: Bearing Cage/Retainer Dynamic Stability Analysis, Title: Dynamics Engineer, Duties: Control moment gyroscope rotor spin bearing mechanical dynamics modeling and simulation for retainer stability criteria and to analyze which factors may contribute to extending the bearing's life.

Program: ISS Drive Lock Assembly Control Circuitry, Title: Electrical/Control Engineer, Duties: Developed, modeled, and tested electronic control circuitry which provided position and rate control for the ISS solar array Alpha Joint motor during test. This circuitry included digital motor commutation for the brushless DC motor.